Purple                                                                 Rose                                                                                   

welcome to devil´s purple rose

We are a german guild in lords mobile 

and our home is kingdom 462 

Vom Teufel verführt und von lilaner Pracht
wollen wir gemeinsam an die Macht.

Wir stehen, fallen und kämpfen zusammen 
und setzen dabei alles in Flammen

Who we are?

The guild was foundet in may 2017. 
What startet with a few simple wooden castles, has developed so much further meanwhile. We grew along with our castles and gained a lot of experience

The "Bärchen Gang", what we call our management, is very active and we have amenities, the other guilds are often lack.
for example:

  • regular monitoring of the hive for safety 
  • the "emergency room"
  • Advice and support in everything concerning the game
  • internal competitions
  • "godfathers" for lesser experienced members 
  • several rally leader

Many of our members are with us since we startet playing the game. We don´t have fluctuation. 
we do not only value things like friedly tone etc what 
Wir legen nicht nur Wert auf Dinge wie freundlichen Umgangston etc, which should be 
self-evident anyway,  but also on the helpfulness among each other and the support of each one.
We do not just talk about team spirit, loyalty or cohesion....

...we just live it

You are...

  • active?
  • don´t worry about loosing some troops?
  • like to fight?
  • consider teamwork as a matter of course?

If you are tired about average guilds, you should contakt us. 

Requirements:  200 mio might, german language or english. 
Applications please in War Gear. 
No trickster as lead acceptet.

Access inquiries via Line ID:  nem_i or in-game

Responsible for the content: Nemintra